How One Simple Analogy is Helping Me Write Every Day

Baseball in a Glove with Bat

As a new copywriter, I’ve heard a steady drumbeat from Katie Yeakle and Rebecca Matter to  “write every day.” I’m sure it’s a familiar tune for you, too.

I understand the basic reason behind this directive. Yet, I still had questions. Write about what? In what order? How can I take my random ideas and organize them into a pipeline of useful articles? And how will I know when a piece is really finished and good enough to send out?

Almost since Kindergarten, I had written scores — maybe even hundreds — of reports for school and work. But I never zeroed in on a ‘production process.’

But while watching a World Series, an analogy came to mind that made sense.

I decided that developing article and project ideas is a lot like playing baseball.

You Start in the Dugout: Record Your Inspirations

Most players for the batting team are in the dugout — really not doing much beyond resting and waiting their turn.

Most of your article and project ideas live in the dugout, too.

Maybe you have a Big Idea and a headline… maybe even a lead you’ve jotted down in a moment of inspiration.

From there, you might add a few facts, figures, and stories to support your main points.

But at this point, you’ve just captured quick thoughts. You haven’t really started digging for more information or drafting up outlines and paragraphs.

Your “dugout” article and project ideas are waiting their turn… or in baseball-speak, they’re “in the hole.”

On Deck: Let the Perspiration Begin… Research

Before going to the plate, the baseball player “on deck” often swings two or three weighty bats to warm up.

Your article “on deck” is the one you’re working on intensely, doing deep research and detailed outlining.

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Mike Logan

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