Reality Blog: A Deeper Dive Into Google Ads

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If you love writing short copy, Google Ads could be an ideal fit. We spoke about the challenge of writing Google Ads here. Now let’s dig a bit deeper.

What does Google Ads’ strange terminology mean? And what do you do if the client wants to include multiple keywords?

Understanding the Terminology

Google Ads are confusing at first. It helps if you understand Google’s terminology. Here’s a few terms you need to know.


“Campaign” is a cover-all term for a group of ads. Say you wanted to run a series of ads targeted towards two distinct types of people. For example, a hiking store might run a Campaign targeted at kayakers and a second Campaign targeted at hikers.

It makes sense to group these two sets of ads into discrete Campaigns. Not only are they easier to keep track of, you can also look at the analytics separately and add keywords and negative keywords for each Campaign.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

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