Reality Blog: Do Your Clients “Get It”? Why You Should Cut Bad Clients Loose

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Do your clients understand the value you’re adding to their business? Do they understand why a website and social media marketing are so important to their growth and success?

If not, you might be wasting your time. What follows is a tale of two of my clients. Let’s call them Good Client and Bad Client.

Gaining Knowledge… And Income

Good Client owns a small business. The owner understands why an effective website is so important. And he understands why he needs a social media presence.

He also understands the need to spend quite a bit of money.

Even better, he regularly contacts me. He’s always asking questions. “What if we try this?” or “How do I test my Facebook Ads against each other? How do I know which one’s more effective?”

If I don’t know the answer, I’ll say, “Give me a couple of hours and I’ll get back to you.” Then I start researching.

A word of caution here. If you don’t know the answer, then say as much. You’re far better saying you’ll look into it and get back to them, rather than making something up. Always be up front and honest.

So what’s happening here? Good Client is an income-generator for me, no doubt. But I’m also learning so much, just by researching the answers to his questions. Sure, I might be doing that part at no cost. But when he later wants changes or additions, I simply blend my research time into the bill.

Good Client knows he’s getting value and he’s happy to pay for it. We both trust each other and are working towards the same goal. We both want to see his business succeed and beat his competitors.

This is satisfying work. I can see I’m making a positive difference to his business. And I know he wants me to do some major changes and additions to his website in the near future.

Good Client “gets it.”

Now, let’s look at Bad Client.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

Andrew has traded the daily grind for a life on the road. He loves the lure of Australia’s wide-open spaces, solitude and isolation. Andrew and his wife Peta are experienced remote travelers, living the simple life on the road. They travel, work and live in their 4x4 truck camper. Andrew plans to build his Money-Making Website Top Wire Traveller to the point where it provides a regular income... enough to sustain their lifestyle on the road.

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