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Date: August 1, 2019
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Email Marketing
Presenter: Jay White

Jay White, an industry leader in writing email marketing messages that build relationships and increase conversions, is joining Wealthy Web Writer for a live webinar event.

During this session, you’ll learn about the components that go into a successful email message.

And you’ll get to see those components in action as Jay looks at real email messages and gives you a breakdown on what’s working and how he would change the messages to make them stronger.

When you join us, you’ll discover…

  • The number one thing to consider when crafting the perfect subject line.
  • How to approach the lead so your reader is hooked within the first few seconds of reading.
  • The biggest factors that affect the desired outcome — getting the click through.

Join us and by the end of this session, you’ll be able to approach your own email messages — and those of your clients — much more effectively.

Enjoy the Playback

This event is reserved for Wealthy Web Writer Platinum members. To join us, please log in or become a member today.

Jay White

Jay White

After working as an award-winning radio copywriter and catalog writer, Jay White made the switch to autoresponder copy and is one of the most sought-after writers in the industry.


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