Member Update: The Importance of Being You

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You. Your voice. Your experiences. Your passion.

They are your best Unique Selling Proposition. It doesn’t matter if there are a dozen other people writing in your niche. None of them are you.

You are going to have a unique appeal to certain clients. To the people who resonate with you. Who like you.

But how can they figure out if they like you if you hide who you are?

Now, I’m not advocating that you cross the line into being unprofessional. I’m not suggesting you share any intimate details that might make your reader uncomfortable or leave you feeling embarrassed.

What I am suggesting is that when you write for you — for your blog, for your email messages, for your social media profiles, that you be natural, that you use your voice.

React to the things that excite you.

Ask questions when you have questions.

Say I don’t know when that’s the case.

And yes, stick to the topic that is your professional focus.

So if you’re a case study writer, then write mostly about case studies and how different industries can use them and what goes into creating a really great one and that kind of thing.

But you aren’t just a case study writer, so in your blog, maybe also mention that you’re planning on hiking through the Sierra Nevadas over the weekend or that you’re planning on trying sushi for the first time. (How have you not tried sushi yet?)

If you’re a writer in the alternative health industry, your email newsletters will focus mainly on that industry and what’s working… changes your clients should know about… things they can do and try that maybe they haven’t considered.

But you aren’t just interested in alternative health. So maybe mention your undying love for Dutch Brothers coffee or how excited you are to go watch the BSU women’s soccer team play later in the week. (Wait… that’s me. But you get the point…)

My point is that you are an amazing, interesting, three-dimensional human being.

So when you’re writing for your business, act like one. Let your voice shine through.

It’s how your audience will get to know you. And it’s how your perfect-fit clients will decide that you are the one and only writer for them.

When that starts happening, that’s when things in this business get really fun.

But the first step is to wholeheartedly embrace being you… quirks and all.

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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