How to Write Feature Stories About Artists that Attract Collectors

An artist's palette and brush

According to the National Endowment of the Arts, there are 21 million artists working in the United States. Thirty-five percent of them are self-employed. When compared to the general workforce, artists are more than three times more likely to work from home.

If you’re interested in writing for this underserved market, a good place to start is writing feature articles. In my 11 years as a freelancer, I’ve gotten a consistent stream of work from artists who need stories that get attention and showcase the beauty, uniqueness, and value of their work.

One of my longest standing clients is the owner of a local art gallery. My job is to interview the artists and write stories that go in the newspaper so people will come to her events and buy the art.

Taking on artists as clients is extremely fun. I love talking about the creative process. It’s gratifying to see the results that come from my work, like knowing that the crowd of people in a gallery is there because of something I wrote.

Read on to learn how to land artists as clients and how to help them sell more art.

How I got my first client (ever) who was an artist

I found my first writing client while walking my new baby in a stroller from booth to booth at a Chamber of Commerce event. We had just moved into town and I wanted to meet some business owners.

Just as I was working out in my mind who I should talk to and what I should say, I heard someone exclaim, “What a beautiful child!”

I’m happy to let my kids help me make friends (I’ve helped them make plenty of friends over the years), so I strolled over to where the voice was coming from and met Michelle.

After a few minutes admiring my son, we got to talking about other things.

Michelle was an artist. Specifically, a fine art photographer who took beautiful photos of the New Mexico landscape. She enhanced them a little with Photoshop, and turned them into cards and prints.

Unlike some artists who stay in hobby mode, she took her business very seriously.

In other words, she was a great client!

In the time she spent fawning over my baby’s blue eyes, I told her that I wrote press releases for businesses like hers — and she replied she’d like me to write one for her.

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Mandy Marksteiner

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  • Very nice! I never considered artists as clients (because the word “starving” always comes to mind, and I want clients to be able to pay me, but art galleries. . . now there’s an idea. . .

    Thanks, Mandy!

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