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Date: October 18, 2019
Time: 12pm, Eastern Time
Topic: LinkedIn
Presenter: Heather Robson

Do you use LinkedIn? It can be a great place to make connections with potential clients, to build your authority, and to bring in leads.

It all starts with a well-written profile. A polished profile can attract the attention of your idea client and also help you grow your connections with other writers.

Ultimately, a strong profile can lead to more clients.

Your LinkedIn Profile gives you a place to send your prospects to learn more about you. So, even if you don’t have a website yet, you can still start marketing yourself. Just share your LinkedIn Profile as the next step in getting to know more about you.

But what goes into a strong LinkedIn Profile?

During this live session, Heather Robson will look at the components of a successful LinkedIn Profile and then review several sample profiles–including submissions from Wealthy Web Writer members–to help you see how to craft (or update) you own profile for the best result.

This event is perfect for anyone thinking about updating their LinkedIn Profile or setting one up for the first time. If that describes you, make sure you join us!

Enjoy the Playback

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Wealthy Web Writer

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  • Thanks for this. Good article. I think LinkedIn is a much better source than FB. I did note above a couple of things regarding Steve Maurer’s LinkedIn. I see he has 2 LinkedIn accounts, and after researching seem to have discovered that for me to get the PWA logo on my site on LinkedIn, it seems one is required to have 2 accounts. Otherwise, I am unable to just upload the logo onto my page.

    Is this correct or am I not understanding correctly? What happens in trying to upload the logo is it is HUGE and thus blurry, even if just using the thumbnail version. I have written Steve and asked but he does not respond, which is disappointing.

    If you have an answer, please let me know.

  • Hi Heather,
    This webinar was a great help to me. I have a question or TWO.

    I started trying to begin a business website on the business section. Was able to get the company name in, the URL website, the tag line, plus my logo, but not the cover photo yet. Type of industry, yes, number of employees, yes, (1), self-employed. Every time I tried to add more content, at the point of clicking-add supporting pages, the whole screen would be swallowed up and disappear. I would try to find the company just “saved” info, then find it unable to get back to the first page. Eventually when I got further down the process of the tabs at the top I did get back to my “recorded business page”. However the question came up at the top of the home page just created (above), let’s start with your association as administrator with another business company registered on Linked In.
    From that point, (since I could not answer the question), I decided that I could not continue the process of building the business site. I left it. Is that correct? Is there a way? Does AWAI have a Linked In Site? Could I be considered an administrator with AWAI? What is an administrator? Why, then What is Linked In requesting here?
    Then I went to my personal profile page. Linked In already had already uploaded my personal photo from my e.mail address logo. The blue background of galaxies remains, however, I have put in a tag line an started adding more content. In the meantime, I discovered that the business site which I had previously “saved”, is listed under my Personal Profile page! In the meantime, though the website is unfinished, there have been 2 visits and 4 presses of the “button”, indicating further traffic.

    Then I tried to post an article on my personal profile page. About a month ago I posted an article. It was quite long, over 1000 words. (Joshua Boswell, on “Launch your Writer’s Life in One Day” Course, said articles could be 800 to 1200 words.) It was not so this time. This time I had to cut it down to several hundred — maybe 300 words, in order to avoid the Linked In message came up–you have exceeded your limit. What is the story here? Were they not happy with my first post? Is there an unspoken message that I need to grasp?
    So, I am learning! I believe you are correct, that Linked In is an excellent place to start and a very good place to land customers.
    I so appreciate what I have seen on the profile pages, especially that by Steve Maurer. He was also trained by Joshua Boswell.
    You will be able to tell what my questions are, by the above account. I want to thank you for making yourself available to answer questions, Heather!
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m happy to help, but I”m not actually sure what your specific questions are. I can see that you’ve had some struggles, but am not sure where you got stuck and what you need to move forward. Let’s start with the business page… you’re setting up a LinkedIn page for your business, correct? And what was the last thing you were able to add to that? And what was the last you tried to add to it where you got stuck?

      Sorry to be dense, but there’s a lot of information here, and I want to be sure I’m answering the right question, not adding to the confusion.

      • Heather, Thank you for replying to my question/comment.
        Thank you for asking specifically what you need to know.
        The place where I got stuck was on the very first page. I added the website URL, the tag-line, used a photo for the logo, (a temporary one), then created the other URL. After I had saved that, a message came up at the top of the info boxes where I had just written the above. The question was not typed by me. It read: “Let’s start with the Admin role in which you are connected to another company registered on Linked-In.” I may have not quoted this question word-for-word.
        (I was surprised to see a few days later that there had been 2 visits to the site, and later about 4 responses to the “button which I had inserted to measure traffic.)
        Since I could not answer the question about the Admin role, or think of another company to which I am connected in the role of Administrator, at all, but especially I could not think of a company which was registered on Linked-in, I thought this was good-bye to the business site. Well, it is still there!
        I still do not know how to set up the Headline on the main, business page, nor set up the logo, nor add a photo to cover the background instead of the blue, galaxy page.
        I HAVE FOUND another way to add a proper description of the company services, therefore I am summarizing those services, as well as typing in the list (they make room for 20 on the list, only).

        In the meantime I am trying also to use the Profile Page. On the Profile page, I need to differentiate between posting a BRIEF post, and posting an ARTICLE. This was the second problem, now sorted, which I mentioned in the previous comment to you. I started to try to post an article, only to learn from Linked-in that I need to remove “GRAMMARLY” add-on since that could block the upload article facility onto LINKED-IN PROFILE PAGE. I do not know how to do that!

        Thanks again for your help.
        I look forward to hearing from you.

        • Hi Susan,

          I’ll do my best, but a couple of the circumstances you describe, I haven’t encountered before.

          So, if I understand correctly, you’re setting up a business page in addition to your professional profile. LinkedIn requires the following to be able to set up a company page:

          A personal profile that is at least seven days old
          A profile strength of Intermediate or All Star
          Show that you’re currently an employee at the company you wish to create a page for–your company should be listed as your present employer in your personal profile.
          List your company position on your profile
          Have several first-degree connections (there’s no specific number you must reach, but the more you can include, the better)
          Be associated with a company email address that has a unique company domain

          So, if any of those things are missing, that might be why you ran into trouble…

          For adding things to your company page, I would guess that when you are logged in as the admin of that page, the pencil icon should appear, and when you click on it, you’ll be able to add the missing elements.

          I unfortunately don’t know how to remove the Grammarly add-on. I think you’ll have to reach out to Grammarly support for that.

          Let me know about follow up questions…

  • Heather,
    Thank you for your reply. It has been very helpful.
    Two days ago, I sat with a freelance website developer here in Auckland, New Zealand.
    He is familiar with Linked-In and was able to help answer all my questions, finish setting up my profile, change the galaxy background with a photo background of my choosing, add my logo, and update all the contact information. I then posted an article without any problems and Linked-In immediately posted “All-Star” on my profile page!
    I showed him the list in which you described what I needed to do for the company page. In half an hour everything was done. As well, my company introduction page had the contact info, logo, headline and correct name posted so that it looked almost identical to the Profile page. That way anyone going from one to the other would know they had immediately reached the matching page, and be in the right place. In addition, the Website Developer found a recommendation posted on my Profile page by the President of New Covenant International University dated 2014. Still within the 5 year range, I felt it works, particularly as it describes character strengths and relates to his observance of a class I taught. Also, the University is registered with Linked-In as a Company and has its own unique domain address with 230 followers. This was my first direct-contact with a company! As you said, the more you have the better, and I’m sure other direct contacts will follow.
    It was worth paying a little bit of money to have an experienced website developer put everything in place. When everything was complete on the business page, we noticed that Linked-In also identified that every criteria requirement had been completed. Now that is behind me and I can concentrate on writing more articles, posts and catch up with other things to learn on instruction lessons with AWAI already purchased!
    Thank you so much for being willing to help and staying with me on the Linked-In sites. Your instructions were much appreciated. Thank you Heather.

  • This was very helpful as I begin to update my Linked-In site.
    I shall return to this frequently I’m sure as that work progresses.
    Thank you!

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