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Springboard diver diving into a swimming pool

It’s a little late in the season to be making swimming analogies, but I’m going to do it anyway.

The community I live in has a pool. In the summer, during the peak hours of the day, it’s noisy and crowded. Absolute mayhem.

But at seven o’clock in the morning, there’s no one there. Except me. I seem to be the only person in the community who likes to take advantage of lap swim hours.

Even during the dog days of summer when temperatures are warm even in the early hours, most mornings I would stand on the edge of the pool coming to terms with the decision to jump in.

The cool water would be refreshing… eventually.

But that first step into the open space that would plunge me into water… I hesitate almost every single time.

Part of the hesitation is deliberate. I’m drawing the moment out. But part of it is flat-out a desire to avoid that breathtaking moment that comes with being submerged in cold water.

It’s not unlike the way you might hesitate before publishing a new blog post or sending a connection request on social media or introducing yourself to someone new at a networking event.

You know that moment will be potentially exhilarating. But you also know it’s going to be uncomfortable. So, you hem and you haw. You look for reasons not to take the plunge.

If you’re going to be successful, the trick is to jump in. And then to jump in again. And again. And again.

Until you land your first client.

And then again… until you land your next client.

Keep taking action toward your goals and eventually you’ll be booked with clients. And the jumping in won’t be quite as bracingly uncomfortable.

Once that happens, you’re probably going to start thinking about ways to expand your business or launch a side business.

And then you’ll find yourself up against something else that feels like jumping into a cold pool.

And if you want to be successful at that, you know what to do…

Jump in.

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That’s all for now. Make it a great week!

Heather Robson

P.S. What if in just 10 hours you could have a complete, personalized blueprint for finding great prospects and a step-by-step strategy for converting them to clients? You can make it happen!

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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  • Heather: a lap swimmer myself, I enjoyed the analogy. At some point I think most adults come to the realization that growth almost always is uncomfortable at first. We learn that success often is measured by the extent to which we are able to accommodate our discomfort while continuing to pursue our goals.

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