Monthly Member Update – Choose a Niche

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Date: October 16, 2019
Time: 3pm, Eastern Times
Topic: Choose a Niche
Presenter: Heather Robson

Choosing a niche or a specialty can bring a lot of clarity to your freelance writing business. When you choose a niche, you know who you need to talk to, and what you need to say. When you choose a specialty, you know exactly how you can help a business.

By giving focus to your marketing message, you can get your business up and going, or take it to a new level, faster.

In this month’s live Monthly Member Update Webinar, Heather Robson will provide you a basic, simple approach for choosing a niche or a speciality.

Join us to discover:

  • The litmus test for a viable niche.
  • The three questions to ask yourself to determine if a niche is a good fit.
  • How to know if a speciality is a better choice for you.
  • And more.

Plus you’ll also discover the top new content on the site and see what’s on the calendar in coming months. And you’ll have a chance to ask your most pressing freelancing and/or web-writing questions.

Join us for this fun, motivating event.

Enjoy the Playback

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  • Wow! I’ve never seen so many rabbits to chase. After about a week of chasing, I think I have finally landed in the the “Starting Gate”.
    I’m here to learn to be a Wealthy Web Writer. I have my blinders on so I won’t get distracted.

    Starter, Let’s Get Goin’.


    • Same here buddy! I am embarking on my new career as a Copywriter and this place has a plethora of resources! Extremely valuable website!

      • Ketan,

        I’m retired with only my monthly social security and that is why I’m here, to supplement my income.
        The prospects look very promising. I hope we’ll be Abel to eventually, make some money. Yes, there is almost too much to digest. Better that than some scam which I’ve had a ton of.

        I can’t wait to get into my niche. I chose researching, after surveying several others. I am very inquisitive and like to learn about new things. Google is my best friend.😃 I discovered it early in my Internet life and tell people that Google is my “Mentor, that between us, we know everything.Ha!

        I have always been a poor speller and Google has saved my life. With a voice activated app, Voice Search, I can speak a word into the app and get the spelling, definition, how used in a sentence and much more. I find it is much smarter than spellcheck.😀

        Didn’t mean to take so much of your time.
        If you would like to “friend-up”, maybe we could lend each other some support.


        • Hi Adiela,

          I’m happy to help, but you’ll have to be more specific on what you need help with. Post your top two or three questions for a starting point. Thanks!

  • Hello,
    I too find AWAI/Wealthy Writer resources inexhaustible! I wish to supplement my income – I Love to Read and Write – so what better way? During a search I came across “AWAI, Scam?!” I thought, “TOO LATE! I’ve applied so MANY FREE RESOURCES-TIPS that EXPONENTIALLY SHARPENED my writing (& speaking) skills
    that it’s a mute question.😶

  • Could you please remove the last “Blackett”, thank you!
    I respectfully ask that you update me of any funds needed, or if any, are due now.


  • wow!, this topic is for a long term discussion, because I think it´s not enough to talk about it on an only one master class online or a webinar

    • Hi Ola,

      Sometimes choosing a niche can feel really tricky, so you’re not alone. What are some areas of interest that you have? What kind of work have you done in the past? What did you study in college? What did you love to do when you were a kid? Make a list of all the answers and see if two or three jump out at you.

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