Reality Blog: How to Optimize WordPress Categories for SEO and Why It Matters

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When was the last time you read an article about optimizing Categories for SEO?

For some reason, Categories are all but forgotten by SEO experts. They’re the poor cousins. You might lavish much care and attention on SEO for every page and blog post you publish…

But somehow the Categories get lost in the shuffle.

A Missed Opportunity

Why would you want to optimize Categories for SEO? Well, every optimized Category is another opportunity for your audience to discover you in the search engines, another chance to pick up organic traffic to your website.

Now, let’s clarify what I mean by a Category.

We use Categories in WordPress to group similar posts. For example, you might have a Parent Category called “Meat Recipes.” Under this are sub-Categories called “Pork Recipes” and “Beef Recipes.”

Say you start a new recipe series around chicken. In WordPress, you can easily add a new sub-Category. You create your new “Chicken Recipes” Category and nominate “Meat Recipes” as the Parent Category.

Every time you publish a new chicken recipe post, you add it to the “Chicken Recipes” Category.

Creating a new category in WordPress
Creating a new Category in WordPress

It’s a common practice when adding a Category to make up any ol’ URL slug for the Category and call it good. This is a missed opportunity. You can easily spend a few extra minutes and optimize a Category for the search engines.

How do you optimize categories for SEO, what’s the process? We’ll go through it in detail from start to finish.

Doing Your Keyword Research

Just like every page or post you create, be sure to do keyword research. Make sure you do it before you create your new Category. This way you can incorporate the keyword into the URL.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

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