Reality Blog: You’re a Web Writer, Right? Well, You Need to Meet BERT… Right Now!


I love the Google BERT update. Why? Because they just presented web writers with an amazing gift.

We’ll get to that shortly. But first, let’s say g’day (hi) to BERT.


Google has an algorithm called BERT or Bi-directional Encoder Representations from Transformers. I wonder how many committee meetings were needed to create that masterpiece of corporate-speak…

Anyhow, in short, BERT looks at copy and understands what the words within a sentence mean. And now, it looks at context. There’s a really good explanation of BERT’s amazing powers of understanding here.

Now more than ever, high-quality content is super-important.

However, this isn’t the part that has me high-fiving Google. What I really love about BERT is the impact he’s had on Google search results… the “People Also Ask” section.

Let’s type in a question and see what happens.

An Endless Stream of Questions

Say you’re writing an article about copywriters. You explain what they do and the benefits of hiring a trained copywriter.

At the end of the article, you decide to add a list of frequently asked questions about copywriting. Until now, this has involved detailed keyword research and head-scratching about the types of questions people might ask.

Now though? Have a look below.

Google Bert Update - People Also Ask
Google’s powerful new “People Also Ask” section.

At the top is my question “What does a copywriter do?” Below it is a Featured Snippet, then we come to the part which gets me really excited.

It’s the “People Also Ask” section.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

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