Roving Report: Leaps and Bounds

Goals spelled out in Scrabble tiles

How would you like to brainstorm, one-on-one (well, one-on-two actually) with experts like Nick Usborne and Heather Robson?

Andrew Murray, Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blogger, had that opportunity recently. The ideas flew, along with the jokes. Fortunately, it was recorded, so you can laugh along with it HERE.

Nick and Heather were giving Andrew advice specific to his Money-Making Website, Top Wire Traveller, but you’ll find a lot of ideas for improving your own site, too. (I know I did!)

If you’ve been around Wealthy Web Writer for any length of time, you’ll know who Nick and Heather are. If you’re a new member (welcome!), Nick has been a successful copywriter for over 40 years, and he’s been writing exclusively on the Web for the last 23. He’s also the author of the program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

Heather is our own Managing Editor, as well as an experienced web writer.

Andrew created Top Wire Traveller to showcase his travels with his wife, Peta, as they navigate the Australian Outback in their one-of-a-kind truck. (You’ll have to visit their site to see just how unique it is.)

Andrew wants to generate passive income from the site, as well as to acquire clients for his freelance web-writing business.

Heading in the right direction

In a previous conversation, Nick advised Andrew to make his site more personal. Andrew’s been following that advice, and feels he’s now heading in the right direction.

Andrew set a goal to earn $3,000 a month, directly and indirectly, from Top Wire Traveller. In the past four months, he’s achieved that goal. About 5% of his revenue comes from advertising and affiliate links, and the rest is from writing projects generated from the site.

At the same time, traffic on his social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, has been increasing.

One of the big things he’s done to personalize his site is add video.

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Susanna Perkins

Susanna was dragged back, kicking and screaming, into freelancing after losing her job in the banking meltdown in March, '09. One 3-month stint in an appalling temp job persuaded her to get serious about establishing herself as web writer. In March, 2012, she moved to a small town in Panama with her husband and three small dogs. After enjoying the writer's life in the culture of "buenas" and "mañana" for 2-1/2 years, she's returned to the US. At least for now.

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