Member Update: Answer These Five Questions Before the Year Ends

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I love this time of year.

Christmas is just two days away. The New Year just over a week.

People are taking time to be grateful for all the good things in their lives. They’re going out of their way to be kind. They’re connecting with those most special to them.

It’s wonderful.

To keep the magic going into the New Year, I challenge you to answer these five questions between now and then.

Question 1: How did I surprise myself this year?

I can all but guarantee you had one moment, one accomplishment (likely more than one), where you genuinely surprised yourself. Maybe you finished a project before you thought you would… struck up a conversation with a prospect even though you were feeling shy… delivered a better-than-expected result to a client.

Think back on whatever it was and just bask in the joy for a moment.

Question 2: What was my favorite undertaking this year?

What did you do that you just enjoyed the heck out of? Or that was challenging but oh-so-rewarding? Maybe a project for a client? Maybe a project for yourself? Maybe you took up a new hobby or started a new volunteer commitment.

Take a little time to think about that undertaking and what made it so special.

Question 3: What is something I wish I’d done this year?

I’m not asking you to dwell in regret. But think about something you would have liked to have done but didn’t get to. It’s okay when that happens. Whatever it is that comes up in answer to this question, make it a priority in the New Year.

Question 4: Who do I want to spend more time with in the coming year?

When it comes down to it, life is all about connections. That’s what fills us and motivates us and helps us grow. But obviously, not all connections are created equal. Who are the people that help you be at your best? Think about ways you can spend more time with them in the coming year.

Question 5: What’s one simple habit I’d like to adopt?

Good habits — even small ones — can have a big impact. But it’s important not to try to adopt too many different habits at once. Otherwise, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself. Think about just one habit you’d like to create in the New Year… and then start doing it today!

What other questions do you ask yourself at the end of the year? Share your ideas in the comments.

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Heather Robson

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