How to Build and Use a Winning Swipe File

Key to a secret

Date: January 17, 2020
Time: 12pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Copywriting
Presenter: Sandy Franks

Delivering a great result through your copy is the main goal of any copywriter.

Building a great Swipe File is a secret weapon that will help you achieve that aim. A good Swipe File lets you see what’s working and gives you an amazing study tool to improve your skills.

In this live interview with AWAI’s Copy Chief, Sandy Franks, you will learn the ends and outs of building and using a Swipe File that will help you achieve your goals.

Join us to discover:

  • How to decide what’s worth adding to your Swipe File and what’s not.
  • The keys to building a Swipe File that is tailored to your writing goals.
  • How spending time with your Swipe File should be the first step you take when starting a new project.
  • The way a well-built Swipe File can help you land more projects.
  • And much more…

Join us this Friday.

Enjoy the Playback

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  • 1. How long will the web conference last?

    Can I listen to it later if I’m not able to stay on the web conference?

    2. Why is there a section here saying upcoming events that shows two events in November of 2019?


  • I learned so much…thanks for the practical, relatable advice. I especially loved the idea of starting a project by reading a good sales letter. Amazing stuff!

  • I am relatively new to AWAI and have purchased many courses already during the past several months. My one problem is that I cannot understand SPOKEN (auditory) INSTRUCTION. Will there always/sometimes/never be transcripts in writing? (I have missing frequencies in my hearing, and at this time, an American citizen living in the Philippines, I don’t have access to my VA facility back in Michigan, my home State. I lost one and damaged the other originals, and buying is out of the question since I live on only $2,000 a month and support 4 people and help others. Probably useless to ask advice HERE, but, as a first step, I am writing anyway. Do you have any suggestions or comments, or only “good luck! Hope you get your problem solved.” My GOAL is to become a $ucce$$ful copywriter, earn money that will make many material problems/issues vanish. March 7 I will become age 83, and aspired to become AWAI’s oldest $ucce$$ful copywriter. Richard Lee Van Der Voort, M.A.
    Email me at: Thank you! I love AWAI!

    • Hi Richard,

      We can provide a transcript on request. So if there is an event you would like a transcript, please let me know via email (hrobson at awai dot com).

    • In regards to your question about succeeding as a copywriter, I don’t know where you’re at in the process. The first step is to learn the fundamentals of persuasive writing. AWAI has a program that teaches this step by step, or you can study their free resources as well as study existing examples of copywriting (sales pages, promotions that come to you via email, landing pages on Facebook, etc.). Once you have some knowledge/skill at writing, the next step is to start landing clients. LinkedIn is a good place to focus for that. It’s helpful to focus on a specific industry and to make connections within that industry. We have a lot of information on Wealthy Web Writer, both about writing and about landing clients.

      I know these are broad answers, but it’s a broad question.

      If you want to let me know more about your experience and what you see as the next challenge you need to overcome to move forward, I can probably give you better suggestions and resources.

    • Hi Shaun,

      If you’re logged in, you can listen by hitting the play icon on the black bar under “Listen to the Playback.”

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