How to Build and Use a Winning Swipe File

Key to a secret

Date: January 17, 2020
Time: 12pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Copywriting
Presenter: Sandy Franks

Delivering a great result through your copy is the main goal of any copywriter.

Building a great Swipe File is a secret weapon that will help you achieve that aim. A good Swipe File lets you see what’s working and gives you an amazing study tool to improve your skills.

In this live interview with AWAI’s Copy Chief, Sandy Franks, you will learn the ends and outs of building and using a Swipe File that will help you achieve your goals.

Join us to discover:

  • How to decide what’s worth adding to your Swipe File and what’s not.
  • The keys to building a Swipe File that is tailored to your writing goals.
  • How spending time with your Swipe File should be the first step you take when starting a new project.
  • The way a well-built Swipe File can help you land more projects.
  • And much more…

Join us this Friday.

Enjoy the Playback

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  • 1. How long will the web conference last?

    Can I listen to it later if I’m not able to stay on the web conference?

    2. Why is there a section here saying upcoming events that shows two events in November of 2019?


  • I learned so much…thanks for the practical, relatable advice. I especially loved the idea of starting a project by reading a good sales letter. Amazing stuff!

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