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Like so many people out there, I get extra motivated when the New Year comes around.

I think about what I want to achieve and what I’m going to do to achieve it. I re-evaluate my goals, my schedule, what I want more of, what I want less of… all that.

(Yes, I know the New Year is an arbitrary time and that this kind of introspection can happen any time… but it just feels so natural to do when the calendar changes over.)

This year, the “re-evaluating my schedule” part has been a bit brutal.

I’ve set a schedule for my work hours. Last week, I tracked how much of the time I’d scheduled that I actually spent focused on work.

The results… weren’t great.

In some cases, there were reasons.

My in-laws are moving to be closer to us and they had to make a very short-notice trip to town. That meant changing up my schedule a bit.

And my daughter won a statewide design contest and was invited to attend a luncheon with Idaho’s First Lady. Obviously… I didn’t want to miss that.

But there were also some slow starts, where I sat down to work, but didn’t really spin up for a half hour or so.

There were some longer-than-I-meant-them-to-be breaks.

There were some rough patches in the afternoons where focus and I weren’t on speaking terms.

All-in-all, let’s just say, I understand why sometimes I feel like I’m scrambling. And I understand what I need to do to stop scrambling.

It’s because I’m not putting in the time I intend to. I mean, let’s face it… if a project takes six hours and I only put in four, I’m going to feel a little behind.

So… if you find yourself scrambling to keep up, or feeling like you’re always behind, the first step is to take a very honest look at the amount of work you’re planning to do versus the amount of time you’re actually putting in.

The good news is, if this turns out to be the root of your scheduling stress, it’s a pretty easy fix! You can stop scrambling just by being more mindful of the hours you actually work.

Do you have your own “stop scrambling” tips? Please share them in the comments below…

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That’s all for now. Make it a great week!


Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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