Reality Blog: Why You Need an Email Welcome Series

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You might be aware my goal for 2020 is to grow our email list to 1,000 subscribers.

While taking stock of our email strategy, I realized it needed a lot of work. So far, I’ve managed to streamline the MailChimp automated subscriber sign-up emails and web pages.

The next step is to create an email Welcome Series.

Why do you need an email Welcome Series?

Searching for Answers

What’s your mindset when you subscribe to a website?

You’re probably curious, keen to see what the website has to offer. You’re feeling optimistic… hopefully these guys will provide the answer to your question.

Let’s assume the subscription process is straightforward. In other words, signing up is easy. You downloaded the free offer and it does indeed provide a solution to your problem.

“Great, these guys know their stuff. I’ll have a good look through their website,” you think.

But life gets in the way. Pretty soon, you’ve forgotten all about this wonderful website.

Now, let’s turn this around. Say a subscriber finds your website. You’ve created a high-quality content upgrade and streamlined the sign-up process.

You’re doing all the right things… offering value and generally making life easy for your audience.

But when a site visitor subscribes, what’s your next step? Do you follow up?

Offering Value

Many people (myself included) think, “Oh, I can’t keep bothering my subscribers with annoying emails. They won’t like me anymore and they’ll unsubscribe. I’ll just send them a regular newsletter instead.”

We’re afraid of upsetting or annoying our subscribers. This is a big mistake.

Think about it. Why did the people on your email list sign up in the first place? You offered them something valuable.

They were willing to “sell” their contact details in exchange for your offer. They make that “trade” because want to hear from you… if your emails are valuable.

Show them that’s the case by kicking off your relationship with an email Welcome Series. And provide more value, more useful information.

What does a Welcome Series achieve and how can you best use it?

The Welcome Series

Broadly speaking, a well-written Welcome Series provides value to the subscriber.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

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