Understanding SEO for Engaging Content

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What can you do to write engaging content that is also SEO friendly? Lots of things!

In this blog post, I share the approach I use that has proven to work for me and for my clients.

Before I get to the topic, I want to thank Heather for asking me to write this blog post. We met in the Wealthy Web Writer sponsored Online Copywriters Group on Facebook. I encourage you to come join us. You’ll meet many other copywriters interested in building camaraderie and sharing knowledge to write the best copy.

Now, on to the topic — understanding how to use SEO so Google and humans will love your content.

Engaging Content Mantra

I use a basic mantra to keep me focused on writing content that matters to the reader.

Create an interesting story or experience the prospect perceives as valuable.

As I review what I write, I regularly ask the following types of questions about the content:

  • How does this add high perceived value from the prospect’s viewpoint?
  • How does what I wrote suggest at least one idea that could improve the prospect’s life?
  • Does my writing mirror the voice of the prospect?
  • Is this something the prospect can relate to?
  • Is what I wrote contextually relevant to the prospect’s situation?

When I write content that does these things, I increase the content’s SEO value.


Well, search engines strive to deliver content that engages the prospect’s viewpoints and concerns. I use the questions above to intentionally build a meaningful relationship with the reader.

When I do that, they stay and read my content. They come back to my site again and again. These are positive signals to the search engines that my content is relevant and valuable. I gain authority in the search engine’s eyes, which means it is more likely to place my content high on the results page for relevant searches.

To see how you can do this with your content, let’s start with a top-level view…

Craft an Engaging Story

Imagine this…

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