Three Powerful Mindset Shifts to Help You Start Succeeding as a Copywriter

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When I first decided to be a freelance writer, my biggest struggle was my mindset. Without a success-oriented mindset, I find myself held me back from attaining success and moving forward as a copywriter.

So I sat down to consider my situation more closely. Why was I struggling?

After analyzing the issues I had, I came up with a list of solutions, and so far they’ve served me well.

Have you ever felt lost about what to do next, how to move forward, and how to stick with your copywriting career even when it’s difficult?

You’re not alone. I’ve felt that same way.

I made three shifts to culture a success-oriented mindset to overcome my self-doubt and stay on track…

Mindset Shift #1: Master these two essentials

Your mindset about yourself and the attitude you bring to your work have a bigger impact on your success than you might realize.

These two things might seem basic, but they can be difficult to master. They are the foundation on which you’ll build your career.

Mindset and attitude determine how you respond to opportunities. Will you pursue them, or shy away? They affect whether you rise to a challenge or walk away from it. They decide how you treat others… and what treatment you will accept for yourself.

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Abraham Onu

Abraham Onu is a success-driven young adult. He’s a web writer, and a proud member of the Wealthy Web Writer community. Abraham hails from Kaduna state, Nigeria. He is determined to become a “world-class professional” direct-response copywriter. Outside of writing copy, he enjoys video games, outdoor activities, sports, reading, and learning new things.


  • A really inspiring post, thank you Abraham! I am panicking slightly right now and your article has helped me calm down.

  • You’re welcome Tyra.
    You don’t have to panic.
    At all.

    Always remember that self-confidence is very important as a web writer.

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