Member Update: Gamification for More Productivity and Fun


Do you ever gamify your day?

I do this on those days when I find it particularly hard to focus.

This is a technique that’s used by online marketers to increase engagement. They introduce game-like elements into the online experience they offer… things like scoring points, unlocking new levels, and competition.

The technical definition of gamification is applying game mechanics to a non-game situation. It can make the experience more fun… and if you’re offering something like an online course, it can increase learning and satisfaction among your users.

But it can also help you stay on top of your to-do list… especially when you’d rather just curl up and take a nap (me, today).

So, how does this work in your web-writing business? Well, truthfully, you’re only limited by your imagination. But here are some things you can try…

Pick the task on your to-do list that you’re feeling most resistant to. Consider how much time it should realistically take you to finish. Add a 10 percent buffer to that.

Now, set a timer and see if you can complete the task within the time frame without compromising quality. If you finish before the timer goes off, turn on your favorite music and hold an impromptu solo dance party in your living room.

That’s one idea. Here’s another…

Let’s say your email is stacking up, and it’s starting to create some stressful feelings. Go to and roll the dice… handle that many emails without stopping. And then reward yourself with an enjoyable 10-minute break. Go sit in the sun. Or read a chapter of a book you’re enjoying. Or text a friend. Then roll the dice again, and repeat. You’ll be through your inbox before you know it, and you’ll have a little fun along the way.

And another suggestion…

Break your to-do list into micro-tasks. These are the smallest steps you can break something into. Then see how many of these small tasks you can do in a 30-minute block. However many you get done, that’s the number to beat in your next 30-minute block. If you beat your number, do something fun for a few minutes, like play your favorite online game. If you don’t beat your number, whatever number you do get is the number to beat in your next round. Get up, move around for a minute, stretch — think of an athlete getting ready for a race or a boxer getting ready for the bell to ring — and then dive back in.

Gamifying your to-do list — with rules to follow and rewards to enjoy when you do well — can rescue a low-motivation day and even make it fun.

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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