A Powerful and Mighty Writing Tool: Contrast

Photo by Thomas Coalson

I love winter. Truth be told, at 69 years old, I love every season. I’m always thankful to watch another season come and go.

But winter’s the best. My wife and I live on a 160-acre ranch, high on an eastern Arizona mesa-top. It snows here off and on throughout the winter. Generally, only four or five inches. But sometimes as deep as three feet!

Our ranch is heavily treed with cedars and shaggy-bark juniper. After each snowfall, the deep, deep green of their stout branches shines through the snowball clumps caught up in their outstretched hands.

When the sun sprays across those branches at first light, the contrast between the deep green and blinding white is spectacular. Almost mesmerizing.

Taken singularly, this transient beauty might be rather commonplace. Unspectacular. But with the contrast of the snow and the branch, you have the stuff of classical masterpieces.

Contrast: The Subconscious Way We Define Our World

Contrast. It’s a concept we use unconsciously every day to define the world we live in… the way we think… the decisions we make… the beliefs to which we hold fast.

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Thomas Coalson

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  • Scared or hopeful? ? I’m not sure, but I do recognize that to be a great article and a lot to offer this rusty writer.
    Thanks for the boost!

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