6 Tips for Coordinating Online Meetings


“Are your people uncomfortable during meetings and tired at the end? If not, they’re probably not mixing it up enough and getting to the bottom of important issues.” — Patrick Lencioni

In recent posts, we’ve discussed suggestions for setting up a home office and tips for improving communications with co-workers when working remotely.

Smart companies and sub-contractors — such as copywriters like us — understand we must develop innovative ways to keep doing business. And that means finding a way to facilitate those meetings without seeing our fellow team members face-to-face.

The answer, of course, is coordinating online meetings.

Online meetings can be an efficient way to ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page. However, they must be done in a way that brings about results. Ineffective meetings — whether online or otherwise — can end up being counterproductive, and a waste of the team members’ valuable time.

If you are planning to make a move to online meetings — or have already made the shift — today we’ll explore a number of tips for your consideration. These steps can help you in coordinating online meetings in a productive manner.

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John Torre

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