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It’s time for another Practice Assignment live review!

Several times a year, Wealthy Web Writer members get an opportunity to try out a new kind of writing project in the form of a Practice Assignment.

Heather Robson, Wealthy Web Writer’s Managing Editor, posts the assignment, invites submissions, and then randomly chooses several to review in a live session.

If you missed that live webinar, you’ll find the replay HERE.

This assignment was to write a lead generation email.

Heather received a lot of submissions, from which she selected four completely at random to review live.

“By submitting your work for review here, you give everyone in the community a chance to learn a little bit more about tackling this specific project,” she commented. “You’re doing a good deed for our community and I appreciate it.”

Quick Tips

Before diving into the submission reviews, Heather went over a few pointers to keep in mind any time you’re writing a lead generation email.

Typically, a lead generation email goes to subscribers of an existing list and offers something for free. There are two really common ways to use lead generation emails — for list segmentation, and for a free webinar.

When you want to segment your list further, you offer a special report. You then tag those who download the report so you can tailor your marketing more specifically for them.

Typically the free webinar gives away useful and valuable information, with a pitch at the end for a paid product which is the natural next step after the webinar.

When writing a lead generation email, keep these six points in mind.

#1. Embrace the primary goal

Your email’s primary goal is to persuade the reader to take the next step.

“Give them a good reason to download the report or attend the webinar,” Heather advised. Even though it’s free, you still need to use your best persuasive writing skills.

Don’t get sidetracked into talking about the ultimate goal. If the free webinar is a step toward selling attendees a course or program, don’t talk about that program in your email. Stick to the webinar. “Your goal with the lead generation email is not the finish line, it’s just the next leg of the race,” Heather explained.

#2. Know your audience

This is the most important thing in any email, Heather noted, because if you don’t know your audience, you don’t know what to say.

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