The 2021 Reality Blog Challenge — Let’s Get this Party Started!


The Reality Blog is a pillar of the Wealthy Web Writer community.

It showcases the journey of a single writer toward a well-defined goal.

This writer shares their ups and downs, their setbacks and wins, their biggest lessons and their progress with Wealthy Web Writer members. And in doing so, the entire community benefits.

Which is why I’m so excited to announce our 2021 Reality Blog Challenge!

In 2021, we’ll begin following the journey of a new writer… and it could be you!

An Amazing Opportunity 

Becoming the Reality Blogger is a big deal.

I’ve seen Reality Bloggers achieve and go onto six-figure careers, land high-profile clients, launch successful product businesses, and much, much more.

The Reality Blog can help you launch your career in multiple ways.

It will make you a better writer. As the Reality Blogger, you’ll be writing each week for Wealthy Web Writer. That means you’ll have a consistent deadline to work to. You’ll receive feedback on your work from me. You’ll have your work run through a professional proofer. And you’ll have it published to the site. (Imagine how quickly your portfolio will grow!)

It will hold you accountable. Because the Reality Blog is all about sharing your progress toward a goal, you’ll share the details of that goal and your plan for achieving it with the Wealthy Web Writer community. You’ll update us regularly on your progress. You won’t just have an accountability partner. You’ll have thousands!

It can open doors to new opportunities. With your growing body of professional work, you’ll have a new way to approach potential clients… and an impressive new role to add to your resume.

The Reality Blog is also a paid position… so you’ll have a new retainer agreement, too.

How to Join in the Challenge

If you think you have what it takes to work to a weekly publishing schedule, and you have a goal that other writers could benefit from watching you work toward, then I hope you’ll throw your hat into the ring.

Here’s how it works…

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