Reality Blog: 3 Useful Features of Yoast SEO Most People Overlook

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Last week, we looked at how to use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize SEO, its features and its limitations. Go here if you missed it.

This time, we’ll explore three other features of Yoast SEO… Readability Score, Social, and Schema Structured Data.

1. Readability Score

Until recently, I ignored the Yoast Readability Score. But now, I usually glance through it. What’s changed?

SEO yoast readability overview sample
The Readability Score tab in Yoast SEO.

I’ve realized it can give a broad indication of readability. The actual numbers it shows aren’t particularly accurate… passive voice, Flesch Reading Ease, and so on.

Yoast has an odd definition of passive voice.

It’s very difficult to get a low score for passive voice in Yoast SEO. You’re probably best ignoring it… unless the button is red.

So, how to use the Readability Score?

Look for red buttons. If you see any red buttons, pay attention. Let’s stay with the passive voice example.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

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