How Learning to Write Persuasively Will Help You Succeed as a Web Writer


Date: October 22, 2020
Time: 4pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Sales Writing
Presenter: Rebecca Matter

Even if you never plan to write a single sales page, you can still benefit from learning to write persuasively.

Understanding the art of persuasive writing will help you write better, more engaging content. It will help you write clearer email messages. It can even add strength to your social media posts. But that isn’t all.

When you become a more persuasive writer, you’ll also:

  • Strengthen your own marketing messages and attract more clients to you…
  • Become a better communicator across the board, which will make you easier to work with…
  • Learn to read between the lines, which can reveal opportunities you might have otherwise missed…

During this live event, AWAI President and Wealthy Web Writer Founder, Rebecca Matter joins us to show you all the ways your writing career will benefit when you start honing your persuasive skills.

Join us for a fun and exciting session!

Enjoy the Playback

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Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter

President of American Writers and Artists, Inc and founder of Wealthy Web Writer, Rebecca has over 20 years of direct marketing and publishing experience.


  • In the presentation it was mentioned that the Continuum slide would be shared. Is there any way to get that slide?

  • Amazing! I was working in sales for more than 12 years handling different products. And I know some times you come across with those kinds of prospects who are ready to buy. Other times, you find those who aren’t ready to buy, yet. However, there is one common thing you have to handle in the sales process and it’s persuation. Without it, the first one doesn’t want to buy your product anymore, and the second one will not listen to you carefully, even if your product is the best. The same approach I realized that apply for content marketing. Good job!

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