Reality Blog Challenge – 2021: Moving from the Dream to Reality


Getting the ball rolling on this whole “writer’s life” thing can be tough. You have a dream. But there’s this big murky space between where you are (real life) and where you want to be (the dream). How do you get from here to there?

What happens in that foggy space? And how do you bravely charge forth into that fog?

Most new writers get hung up on picking a niche and a writing specialty. Niches… do you pick the one you have experience in, or the one where your heart lies? Specialties… there are so many different kinds of writing projects. How do you know which one is right for you?

All the experts say you need to specialize in order to charge professional fees. But if you’ve never tried these projects, this speedbump on the path to writing can turn into a roadblock.

How can you get around it? Do you pick one and hope for the best? Start with white papers and change later if you don’t like it?

Do you walk into that fog without any idea of what’s going on in there? That sounds terrifying. And it’s probably what holds people back when trying to make their dream a reality. I know that’s been true for me.

That’s how I came up with my goal for 2021. I want to expose what’s in the fog. I want to bravely charge into that murky mess and come up with answers. For the both of us.

I want to stop thinking about writing, and actually write. But I want answers while I’m at it.

How are these projects different? What takes the longest? What needs a lot of research? Which pays the best? How is the technical writing compared with the less serious writing? Which one is for me?

I want to try as many different writing projects and niches as possible this year. And I want to take you with me. In doing so, I hope to share with you all the answers to the questions holding you back. I want to help you find your path, as I find mine.

Dare to Dream

I’m going to play dress-up essentially. Dress-up, writer’s style.

Do you remember playing dress-up as a kid? Conductor’s hat? Princess crown? Trying on different personalities with each new costume. Some of this play probably helped you decide who it was you wanted to be as an adult.

As an adult, you’ve probably forgotten how to play pretend. You’re no longer comfortable with it. It feels silly. And you’re a serious grown-up. You can’t be silly!

I get it. I’m right there with you.

But kids have something we’ve lost, imagination. They dare to dream. They put themselves in the shoes of others and see what it’s like.

Kids are fearless. We lose that as we grow up.

But if you’re reading this, you’re dreaming of becoming a writer. And I want to help. Let’s get past that roadblock.

It’s time to play pretend. Don’t worry, I haven’t picked out a pretty princess outfit for you to try on (although that sounds like a lot of fun to me).

Instead, I’m going to try on different “writer” hats and share what I learn. You’ll get to see what it’s like from the inside just starting out.

Full disclosure, I may make a fool of myself. But I’m going to have a good time while doing it. Feel free to be entertained.

The How

Every epic story starts with a plan, right? A plan for brilliance.

In order for me to try all the projects, I need a plan for implementation. Where am I getting these writing projects?

This is where things get exciting. I made a few contacts at Bootcamp when I went the year before last. Those contacts may or may not remember me by now. But everyone loves a good experiment.

I’m going to reach out to those contacts and tell them about my 2021 mission. I’ll also mention that the Wealthy Web Writer audience will be listening in… which means more writers who understand their specific needs.

In my desire to help you, I hope they’ll help me, which will help them in the end. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing it for free or getting paid. The mission isn’t about the money, it’s about the answers and the experience.

I’ll be taking these projects very seriously. I’m going to do the very best job I can. And if I do well, hopefully my contacts can refer me to others.

Niche to niche, project to project. I’ll detail all the parts and pieces. All the nooks and crannies. All the headaches and brilliant revelations.

And if the well runs dry on that avenue, I have three personal clients, each in a different niche. They’ve only started me out with managing social media, but if I offer to help them with other things, they’re likely to say yes.

In addition to my existing contacts, I’ll ask work on expanding my network, starting by crafting entertaining emails to strangers. Whatever it takes. I’m reaching for new heights this year. And I’m not taking “no” for an answer.

Dream a Little Dream with Me

Why should you vote for me as your next Reality Blogger? My sparkling charm and witty sense of humor? While that’ll keep things entertaining, the real reason is what you’ll learn.

I’m going to take you on a journey. A journey to get past this roadblock standing in the way of your writer’s life. If you can get past this first hurdle, you can do anything. You can go anywhere.

Six hands making a heart...

I want to inspire you so much that your dreams become real. But the truth for most people is dreaming isn’t enough. You need a plan. You need a roadmap. You need to know where the road leads and what’s in that freaking fog!

I get it. And I’m going to show you what’s in that fog. I just need you to walk a few steps behind me. Dare to dream a little dream. Take a few steps along with me. Or just watch my journey and then plan your own.

As I try these writing projects, you get to essentially try them too. I’m going to show you the guts of each project. We’re going to take them apart and see how they tick. And you get to pretend it’s you in the trenches instead of me.

By the end of 2021, we’ll both know what all these projects are like and where it is we belong.

Maybe you feel like me, in that being a writer is what you’ve always thought you were meant to do.

But the journey to become a writer sounded uncertain and scary. I didn’t yet have the gumption for it. So I put that dream on pause. No more, though.

Look out world, it’s a whole new Holly coming through!

If this is what I’m meant to do, who can possibly stop me? And the same goes for you!

So hop on this metaphorical train with me while I chase down some real-life answers for our real-life dreams.

Are you in?

P.S. Do you have any suggestions for an experiment project for me? Or curiosity about a certain niche or project you’d like me to tackle? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.


Holly Rhoton


  • Excellent, well said Holly! I can’t wait to follow along with you on this incredible journey. I have a suggestion, The Health industry niche. It seems very large. I was thinking about it as a niche. But I’m not sure where to start. All the best in 2021

  • You just hit the nail on the hard for me! Thank you, that helped me take a breath and think of a few things that I wasn’t thinking of.

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