Reality Blog Challenge: To Launch a Dream…


A Plan to Harness a Proven Roadmap to Success and Live The Writer’s Life!

Until recently, I was one of the many hard-working writers all over the world from every walk of life struggling to find my path and reach my goals.

Then, during a recent AWAI Writer’s Launch Party, I was reminded that the writer’s life is there for the taking… a dream that hard-working freelance writers from every walk of life have achieved.

Well… it wasn’t so much reminded as it was a shift in mindset.

What changed?

I remembered that launching the dream writer’s life isn’t insurmountable… It might not always be as originally designed, but it is always on purpose

Let me show you what I mean…

First, though, a brief introduction and a few ground rules.

I’m a freelance writer, much like you, trying to figure out how to launch and build a successful writing career and enjoy the spoils of that success.

My name is Tim Geiger, the voice behind Tim Geiger Writes and the All Rise Blog, and now a finalist for Wealthy Web Writer’s 2021 Reality Blogger.

As a licensed attorney, copywriter, blogger, and serial entrepreneur, I have helped scores of entrepreneurs — solo attorneys and other service professionals, and even a retail jeweler — launch, re-launch, or scale businesses using systems I developed in my own solo law practice. Systems I developed from the teachings of and hands-on training with business and leadership experts like Tony Robbins, Stephen R. Covey, Michael Hyatt, Alexis Katz, Brendon Burchard, Mark Ford, Joshua Boswell, and Yanik Silver.

This year, I’m starting fresh with the goal of finally living the writer’s life. If I’m honored as the Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blogger, I won’t include traditional how-to guides (well, there will be a few…), but I definitively have no plans to dispense any “expert” advice on building a freelance copywriting business. In fact, I am not here to tell you what to do or how to do it.


Because, like you, I’m on the path to freelance writing success and the writer’s life

So, what I will do is share stories, insights, and philosophies from what has been a lifelong, 50-year journey, and hopefully be your trusted guide as we travel along this path together. In a way, what I hope to provide is a playbook that outlines my adventures, successes, trials, failures, and just maybe, a fresh approach to the quest in front of us — of implementing and navigating AWAI’s and Wealthy Web Writer’s proven plan for success — and how we engage with it.

To do this, you’ll follow along as I build a core business philosophy based on the principles of the ongoing revolutionary shift in the economy. In the words of Yanik Silver, if we want to thrive in this evolving socially aware digital economy and deliver meaningful impact to today’s new, accountable, compassionate socially aware consumers and businesses — and have greater profits for ourselves and our clients — we need to re-think, re-imagine, and re-invent how we do business.

As I re-think, re-imagine, and re-invent how I do business and ensure I’m set up to maximize these ongoing shifts in the economy, I’ll share stories and insights as I walk this path in the hope it helps you as you walk your path to copywriting success. Then, I’ll do the same as I work through an ultra-practical, step-by-step journey of turning my passion… my purpose… my Why… into my writer’s life!

In fact, our quest together will start off, after some work to gain clarity and focus about our Why and taking a deep dive into the new socially aware digital economy and consumer, with clear, easily grasped — and followed — steps, as we:

  • Develop a Winning Mindset and Core Principles
  • Determine What to Write and For Whom
  • Develop and Expand Strong Foundational Copywriting Skills
  • Announce to the World… “I’m a Professional Writer”
  • Formally Launch (or Relaunch) Our Businesses
  • Create a Client Experience that Ensures Lifetime Engagement and Affinity

After these initial steps, I’ll also create a framework for my ideal writer’s life. Each week, I’ll show the ups and downs of using real-world, proven tools, habits, resources, and frameworks to maximize productivity and the ability to attract the lifeblood of any business — a steady flow of new and recurring clients!

To ensure maximum success, you’ll follow along as I implement a proven seven-step plan to reach and engage potential clients in this evolving socially aware economy and achieve our mutual goal of living the writer’s life!

Step 1: Discover the Pain Points of the Clients in Our Niche

Step 2: Craft a Compelling Personal Story and Brand

Step 3: Build an Audience and Lists

Step 4: Construct and Grow an Online Presence

Step 5: Master and Leverage Social Media and Email Campaigns as Marketing Tools

Step 6: Build a Network of Raving Clients and Colleagues

Step 7: Repeat the Cycle — Build a Reputation for Excellence and Service

Each process in the bulleted list and step in the marketing plan above has its own internal steps and processes. Each week, you’ll follow along as I implement, attempt, sometimes fail, hopefully mostly have success, working towards the writer’s life through each process and step.

So, whether you’re looking to just make some money on the side, or you want to become the next legendary seven-figure copywriter, I invite you to watch and come along for the ride that will be the Wealthy Web Writer’s 2021 Reality Blog.

As for me, 2021 is about finally making the leap from part-time, supplementing my income copywriter, and finally leave the attorney rat-race (i.e., having a traditional J-O-B) in the rearview mirror once and for all, and become a full-time copywriter, mentor, author, and hopefully coach, with a growing, engaged social media audience, an email subscriber list of 10,000+, and a solid, multiple six-figure income.

It’s a dream I’ve said I’ve been chasing for years

Although this year will no doubt include many ups and what will feel like way too many downs, launching a dream writer’s life doesn’t have to be as complicated as I made it over the years; this year, I stop saying I’m chasing it, and take the affirmative steps and effective daily action to build that life…

By design and on purpose…

I hope my stories, insights, and all the ups and downs throughout the year — I’ll openly share them all — along the path will be your guide to build — along with me — businesses that give us more time to do the things we enjoy and spend more time with the people we love…

To live the writer’s life!

Tim Geiger

Tim Geiger

Tim Geiger is a freelance copywriter, content marketing consultant, content curation specialist, and ghostwriter. Tim specializes in the personal/professional development and coaching niche and B2B2C copy for the legal/service professionals industries. He has spent the last 20+ years honing his writing skills and using content to engage prospects and foster brand affinity. Initially, as a solo-practice attorney for his own law firm and colleagues’ firms, and now, as a full-time judicial staff attorney & freelance copywriter, marketing consultant, content curator and ghostwriter. Tim focuses on helping clients design and implement content curation & marketing strategies and functional UX platforms to drive lead generation and customer affinity, relationships, and loyalty. Tim is also a personal & career mastery coach & mentor himself, and an avid triathlete. Tim writes every day. Whether it’s on his blog, for his clients, for fun, or on one of his pending book projects is not important; as long as he is writing something.


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