We Need Your Help! Vote for Wealthy Web Writer’s 2021 Reality Blogger

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The Reality Blog is a pillar of the Wealthy Web Writer community.

It showcases the journey of a single writer toward a well-defined goal.

This writer shares their ups and downs, their setbacks and wins, their biggest lessons, and their progress with Wealthy Web Writer members. And in doing so, the entire community benefits.

And, I’m happy to say it’s officially time to choose our next Reality Blogger.

But to do that, I need your help. This is a choice made by the community as a whole… that means you have a say.

During the month of November, our four finalists shared their goals, their setbacks, and some of their most important writing lessons.

In just a moment, I’m going to ask you to vote for your choice for Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blogger for 2021…

But first, take a moment to revisit each of the candidates and their work.

Holly Rhoton outlined her goal to explore the top writing niches and share what she learns along the way… she talked about a major (and painful) setback she experienced earlier this year, and how it drove her to take more action to build her writing business… and she shared a life-changing lesson she learned from a cow named Fred.

Suzanna Fitzgerald shared her plan to achieve massive business growth in the coming year, one 21-day chunk at a time… she gave you a look at the circuitous and sometimes difficult path that led her to web writing… and she shared eight valuable writing lessons she learned from a four-legged friend with a mighty heart.

Tim Geiger broke down his seven-step plan to build the writing business of his dreams… he shared his own battle with impostor syndrome and how he overcame it for good… and he gave you an inside look into how training for Ironman competitions has helped him become a better writer.

Valeria Collier-Vick shared her goal to replace her income losses from the COVID pandemic and how she plans to build her earnings even higher so she can help one of her favorite people achieve their dream… she talked about how an unexpected setback helped her get more organized, more motivated, and adopt a long-term view… and she revealed how her daughter’s acting career has helped her develop a process for nailing her clients’ brand voice.

The competition for the 2021 Reality Blog is fierce. No matter who wins, we are all going to be treated to an amazing journey, looking over their shoulder as they share their victories, their disappointments, and the lessons learned.

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