Create Your LinkedIn Profile — Practice Assignment Brief

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Of all the social networks out there, LinkedIn is the most geared toward business. Because of that, it’s a good place to network, introduce yourself to people, and ultimately land clients.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a website yet, setting up your LinkedIn Profile gives you a way to market yourself even before your website is ready. A well-written, fully fleshed-out profile gives you a place to send prospects to learn more about you.

So whether you’re sending out emails, posting to social media, attending networking events, or using good, old-fashioned direct mail to reach out to your prospects, you can get started right away, using your LinkedIn Profile in lieu of your website address.

Now, you still need a website. But if you’re just starting out or looking to move to the next level, setting up your LinkedIn Profile is a great first step.

Here are a few things you need to know about your LinkedIn Profile:

  • It needs a keyword-rich headline — if you have a specialty or niche, use that.
  • Your summary should be personable and
  • It’s good to identify a problem you solve, and invite readers to contact you for help solving it.
  • You can include writing samples.
  • Update your jobs section completely, including whenever you land a new client.
  • Same goes for the education section.

Your LinkedIn Profile can give your prospects somewhere to go to learn how to contact you.

A lot of times, your prospects need a bridge between your message introducing yourself and their response. That’s one of the functions your website serves. That is absolutely a function your LinkedIn Profile can serve.

You can learn more about writing your profile from these resources on Wealthy Web Writer:

This Practice Assignment is meant to help you build your writing business by helping you get your LinkedIn Profile in tip-top shape.

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  • This has been very helpful. I can not decide which Specialty I should choose. I have been in fitness for many years and I have also been in real estate and mortgages. (I actually wrote two book about buying Real Estate and Obtaining financing. I am going to write both till I can settle, will you accept both? JudyPotts

    • You can certainly submit both. I select the ones to be reviewed randomly, so I can’t guarantee that either will be reviewed.

  • HI. I am just beginning as a copywriter, in the learning process. My work background is 25+ years as a Medical Lab Technologist. The niche I want to focus on is outdoor activities and gardening. How do I write a Linked In profile using my work experience if it is not going to be my writing niche? I have also started preparing blog posts to be ready to launch a blog, so it is not ready to be linked to my profile. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Beverly,

      One thing you can do at the beginning is pull out details from your work history that show your skill in your new endeavors. So if you ever wrote anything when working in the lab, even summaries of results, you could talk about how you can convey technical information in clear way. Then as your experience grows you’ll continually update your profile reflect the more relevant and recent work.

  • Hello Heather,

    I could relate to this article.

    I enjoy reading these articles as they are very helful!


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