Reality Blog: More Like Guidelines — My First 21-Day Challenge Report

Goals spelled out in Scrabble tiles

When I started as the Reality Blogger, I promised to share my 21-day stepping-stone goals as I work towards helping my parents settle in a forever home by the end of the year. The first step of that journey was to revamp my business website. And now it’s time to make an accounting. Oh boy…

No, my business website is not revamped.

But! Far from being a failure, during this first challenge, I actually got three times as much as I expected done, and I learned a great deal.

The Best Laid Plans…

There are two types of perfect vision.

The first is foresight, which is rosy, hopeful, and sees what could happen in a world free of obstacles or problems. The second is hindsight, which tends to be judgmental and cynical because it sees what really happened, what went wrong, and why.

Reality, however, is what happens when any plan encounters obstacles.

Some of those obstacles are foreseeable, and as such avoidable. And some are completely out of human control — which means they can only be dealt with as they come up.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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