Reality Blog: The Best Way to Get Your Clients to Pay You

Getting Paid by Clients - Money Stacks by a Piggy Bank

Do you dread asking to be paid?

For many writers, this part of freelancing is difficult… if not downright unpleasant. You absolutely must get the money you have earned, but there’s this sort of hesitation about taking the next step… maybe even a natural confusion about who should make the first move.

My number one recommendation for getting paid by clients in a timely manner is to take charge of the process with an invoicing system.

Invoicing Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

If you work with any contractor — say, a house painter or an accountant — you’ll get an invoice for their services. If they’re smart, you’ll get two… one for an estimated half at the beginning, and one for the final balance once they’ve completed the work.

In most cases, invoicing makes things simple. You send your prospect a proposal. They say yes. You send them an invoice for the first half of the project fee. When you receive that payment, you begin work. Then when you complete the project, you send an invoice for the second half of the fee.

Like I said, simple. Except when it’s not…

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • So far, with one exception the best thing invoicing does for me is to set a date on which to send my follow-up, past-due invoice. But I wouldn’t even have that if I didn’t use an invoicing system.

    Also, having invoices helps come tax and – Heaven forfend – audit time.

    • Absolutely! Thanks for sharing your experience, I love invoices for more reasons than would fit in the article 🙂

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