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There are a lot of great reasons to have a Money-Making Website, chief among them… money!

But, as someone who’s had an MMW for a couple of years now, I can tell you that there are a couple of other benefits to having an MMW. For starters, it makes you a better writer, copywriter, and businessperson.

One benefit that I didn’t expect when I started my MMW stems from the fact that it puts me in the decision maker’s chair. That means I get an inside look into the minds of the people who hire me.

I’m the one deciding what does and doesn’t go on my site, why I need or don’t need it, and whether or not something has value to me. It’s like having a ready-made degree in how to pitch — and how not to pitch — my potential clients.

Pitching Is Heart and Soul… but It’s Not Personal

Whenever I’m writing a pitch, big or small, it’s scary. Writing that piece takes a lot of my time. I put a lot of heart into the process. And as a professional, I always, always put in a 110 percent effort. As I’ve talked about before, pitches are a hit-and-miss scenario. So, I know going in that all that effort and heart might still result in a no… or worse yet, no response at all.

I’d say that, on average, I get a “yes” one out of 10 times.

And when you put in all that work, all that time, all that love, and have it dumped — sometimes without even a form letter — it can be discouraging. There’s this huge letdown, and it’s so, so, SOOOOO hard not to take it personally.

But as someone who’s been in the position of rejecting pitches more often than accepting them, I can say with absolute certainty, it’s not personal.

Even when I delete messages that are so obviously spam, I’m not thinking anything like, OMG, what a horrid, evil person! I wish I could contact Interpol and have them arrested! The biggest reaction those messages get from me is a sigh and an eye roll as I hit the Delete button.

Spam Can Make You a Better Self-Marketer

Some of the offers that come into my MMW inbox aren’t spam. But they aren’t good either.

I’ve noticed I tend to treat those messages the same way I treat spam. The sigh. The eye roll. The Delete button.

But that’s after I study them for a moment. Every time I get a message like one of these two emails I’m about to share with you, I sigh, shake my head, and double-check whichever pitch I have ready to go out to make sure I’m not making an embarrassing mistake.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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