Monthly Member Update – Summer Challenges


Date: June 3, 2021
Time: 1pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Writing Challenges
Presenter: Heather Robson

Can you believe it’s June already. And that means summer is just around the corner.

If you’re like most people, summer means making a little more time for a little extra fun. Why not bring that to your writing and your business.

During this Monthly Member Update event, Heather Robson (Wealthy Web Writer’s Managing Editor) will give you three fun challenges to help you attract more attention, traffic, and leads to your writing business over the summer.

Plus, you’ll hear about what’s coming up on the site, you’ll get a recap of May’s must-read content, and you’ll even have a chance to get your questions answered live during the call.

Jun us for this fun, fast-paced event.

Enjoy the playback

This event is reserved for Wealthy Web Writer Platinum members. To join us, please log in or become a member today.

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Wealthy Web Writer

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  • This website gives me hope. I’ve been poking around AWAI for months and buying many programs.

  • Thank you for having taken the time to compile this webinar and delivering us with a very useful and effective way of refining our writing as well as ourselves and our willingness through this challenge! I also want to thank you for the warm and sincere welcome extended to us new members. I am new to AWAI and copywriting as a whole and am very thankful to have landed here with you and the rest of the Wealthy Web Writer community. This site and community of both new and seasoned writers is definitely a substantial resource for establishing one’s self as a freelance writer. I am enrolled in both the AWAI Method as well as How to build your own freelance website in just 4 days but despite the 3 club memberships and extensive resources I still feel at a loss and quite overwhelmed in producing meaningful and engaging content for my site. Is there anyway you could take the time to generate the bones for each must have page and a few ideas to help generate the process. I’m at a standstill on how to effectively “sell myself” per say as I am a bare bones writer. I have no contacts/connections, zero writing experience for any club, network, or publication. I graduated high school 21 years ago and have worked a multitude of jobs in various fields including: office/clerical, answering service and reception, business administration, retail, restaurant, and fast food. I like to refer to myself as a specialist of customer service. I am not a member of any clubs or organizations except these most recent ones and have no volunteer work or experience under my belt. My personal skills consists of basic computer skills and necessary programs like Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, and Excel) as well as the minimal skills/knowledge surrounding social media! I am very saddened in having to admit this but do believe I still have a lot to offer despite my lack of skills and credentials. I have chosen the health and wellness industry with a focus on personal wellness and self care as I am striving to incorporate these in my life as essential must haves while on my quest to becoming my number one true self and a better version of myself day by day. I apologize for having bombarded you in such a manner and appreciate your time as well as any feedback you may offer. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Gabriela and welcome to Wealthy Web Writer. People of all backgrounds and experience levels have the potential to succeed as freelance writers. I’ve seen again and again that the most important thing is being willing to stick with it and take regular action to make connections, land clients, and grow. Regarding your website, we have a webinar I think you will find helpful. You can view that here

      And then after you’ve viewed that, let me know about questions.

      • Hello,

        My name is Kimberly Burton, and I find myself in pretty much the exact same boat as Gabriela Ocmond, except I am a member of both Wealthy Web Writer and AWAI Method for Copywriting,
        Freelance Writing Biz Success, Networking, Profitable Freelancing, The Definitive Blueprint, and
        Writer’s Starter Kit. I’ve got access to all these super awesome and extremely helpful resources but I’m afraid I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Every time I sit down and try to get myself started, I find myself overwhelmed. I really need someone who has the time and doesn’t mind to take me by the hand and kind of lead me the rest of the way in. Literally, step-by-step. I am so excited about this opportunity and have wanted to be a writer since I was in the third grade (in 1989!!) I greatly appriciate any help I can get. Thank You!!

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