Reality Blog: Can You “Play” This Niche Every Day?


When I was a little kid, we were blessed to have no cable TV. Our entertainment was audiobooks, movies, and — when the reception was agreeable — the radio.

I can’t even count how many nights my siblings and I lay on the living room floor, playing with our train set or putting together a puzzle while audible entertainment rumbled over our heads.

My dad’s favorite weekly show in those days was Garrison Keillor’s variety show, A Prairie Home Companion.

Many of the jokes and stories went over my little head, so my favorite part was the music.

Garrison was always hosting amazing artists from genres that we never would’ve gotten to hear otherwise.

Almost-Missed Defining Moments

Every once in a while, you hear or see something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at the time but stays with you. It’s only later — often years later — that the idea coalesces into something valuable that defines the way you think or feel about a certain topic.

That’s how it was for me the time Garrison showcased an amazing bluegrass band that could play at something close to the speed of light.

They were talented musicians, but more than that, they were funny, and the lead woman had absolutely no fear of smarting off to Garrison. In the middle of their hilarious squabbling, it came out that they’d known each other “back when,” before their respective fame. In fact, they’d gone on many of the same tours crammed into the back of a dank van.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • Hi Suzanna!

    Wow, this is one of the most enlightening articles on niche-picking I’ve seen! Your shortcut checklist is pure gold, especially #1. Instead of the standard “pick something you’re passionate about”, that piece of advice alone took the whole niche thing down to the bare bones. Plus I love love love your Garrison Keillor story — I lived just a few miles from the small town that Lake Woebegone was based on.


    • Oh man, that is so cool! I knew Lake Woebegone had to be a “real” place, it was just too perfect. I’m glad you got some value out of the shortcut checklist – I hope it proves helpful for a long time.
      Here’s to direct-response marketing, where all the markets are big, all the lives are beautiful, and all the copywriters are above average. 🙂

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