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Hide-and-go-seek is a favorite game of just about any kid. And for very good reason: It’s fun, and it teaches some valuable lessons about human nature and how to overcome problems.

Human Nature: I have a problem. I think I’ll hide from it.

Game-Learned Solution: Hiding is fun, but it’s only temporary — and no matter how well you hide, eventually, ready or not, here comes life.

When You Catch Yourself Hiding

I always find it easier to manage my fear and make myself do something if I think, in the back of my head, Don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with that (scary thing) until a time down the road… Just do this one thing now.

Which is a useful strategy and often how I start my 21-day challenges.

When you start by taking an easy step, it’s possible to get started in the first place. But there’s a flip side. Once you put off the harder steps — those ones that make you nervous — it’s easier to justify putting them off again. And again.

But eventually, the scary step is unavoidable… if you want to make progress.

Which is why my 21-day challenge for last month is best summed up as “Scare Myself with Outreach.”

I forced myself to send out pitches for both my Money-Making Website and my copywriting business. It was all about reaching out and tapping potential clients on the shoulder and saying, “Hey, did you know that I exist?” Because…

Ready or Not, Here I Am!

On the copywriting side, I realized that, although I’ve been doing a lot of stuff on the back end —

  • prepping my website,
  • writing blog outlines,
  • working with my existing clients —

I haven’t actually been reaching out for new jobs.

So, I started by pitching on the easy end, which for me means reaching out to my existing connections, like those I have with AWAI.

Early-Bird Specs

For those who’re going to Bootcamp in October (live or virtually), I highly recommend taking advantage of the spec opportunities there. If you’ve never done a spec assignment, it’s a project you do with the agreement that you’ll get paid if the client likes your work. It’s not the normal way of doing things, but it’s great practice. For one thing, these specs give you a forced deadline, which is a great way to get yourself out of hiding. If you want your work to be considered for any of these projects, you’ve got to submit it when they say.

I went ahead and decided to try for the Early-Bird deadline on May 10. The total count?

Five pitches for full sales letters!

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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