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Over the years I’ve experienced many different kinds of motivation, each helping to push me toward success:

I’ve discovered new passions and things to excite me — like when I discovered that real people wrote books and decided I could too.

I’ve received plenty of positive encouragement from loved ones — essential in good times and bad.

I’ve been motivated by necessity — the need to buy food and pay essential bills definitely keeps you on your toes.

Even my own sheer, dogged stubbornness has served as a source of motivation, one that has gotten me through some really bad years.

But as I sat down to write about motivation, and staying motivated when life and work get hard, bland, or just boring, I found myself reminiscing about teeth, of all things.

Specifically, my baby teeth.

Of Teeth and the Letter “S”

Losing my baby teeth was so much fun. Wiggling a tooth loose, sticking my tongue through the hole, and feeling for the tiny little nubs of the new tooth. [Editor’s Note: I’m going to have tooth dreams tonight. Gah!] I was proudly showing off just how many teeth I’d lost to one of my visiting aunts, and she took to teasing me — as elderly relatives do — about how I was going to start lisping when I lost both of my front teeth.

I was horrified. Me? Lisp? Run the risk of having people not understand me? Never!

No, You Can’t…

But oh yes, she assured me with a solemn twinkle. You can’t make “s” sounds without pressing the tip of your tongue against your two front teeth. She had me try it, and sure enough, I lisped.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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