Reality Blog: 3 Ways Copywriters Can Profit from Unpleasant Emotions


A couple of days ago I was on YouTube listening to the latest from a favorite commentator of mine — only the video was a bit of a surprise, because he had a major announcement. He’s quitting his day job!

His story is one we all dream of.

He started his channel in part because he was passionate about his topic, and in part because he had hopes of supplementing an income that was insufficient despite working both a full-time and a part-time job (in a good field!).

Over the last several years he’s gotten popular enough that he’s not only replaced his original income, but exceeded it.

Now he can quit the 9-to-5 grind to pursue his passion full-time.

How… Wonderful?

I was happy for him. Of course I was.

Except, well, I had a funny heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. And a tightening right around the corners of my mouth. I suddenly felt restless, and irritable — for no good reason.

Could it be that I was experiencing jealousy? A hint of the green-eyed monster?

Might as well be honest. Yes, I was a little envious. I mean, come on! How can you hear something like that and not feel just a teeny bit of jealousy to go with feelings of congratulations and happiness for another person?

Strip-Mining Value from Unpleasant Emotions

I firmly believe that the jealousy-and-envy combination is corrosive and that they’ll completely take over your life if you let them, making you an unpleasant, bitter person who’ll drive people away.

In other words — don’t be envious!

However, that doesn’t mean that when those feelings rear up inside you, you can’t put them to good use… even going so far as to get monetary value out of the moment.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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