7 Ways to Attract More Sales for High-Priced Products


“I want to position my books as premium-priced versions on the reasonably priced scale, if that makes sense, to find a sweet spot between the high end of what my brand can support and the low end that results in impulse purchases and maximum sales volume.” Barry Eisler

Good marketing needs to match the product or service to the audience being targeted. That’s a given. But it gets a little more complicated when selling luxury goods and high-priced products. These usually require special treatment.

This is why, for example, you won’t find Cartier necklaces displayed at Walmart — it’s not where people go to look for Cartier.

Luxury goods are different… and that’s exactly why they need a unique marketing approach to attain desired conversion rates. In the market for high-end products, the idea that sales are nothing more than a numbers game gets tossed out the window. In this market it is always better to have high-quality leads than to have a lot of leads.

To do this takes an understanding of conversion rate optimization (CRO). When you leverage sound CRO principles, your visitors become prequalified prospects already on the path to becoming customers… which is an especially important factor when selling luxury goods.

CRO doesn’t just help turn more visitors into buyers. It also helps increase the value of the average order. This allows e-commerce managers and copywriters to focus their marketing dollars on getting more qualified traffic rather than on finding out how to convert more traffic.

What we’ll do today is examine seven ways to help your clients attract the best prospects, increase conversions on high-end products, and get more return on their marketing investment.

1, Match the presentation to the product

Walk into any brick-and-mortar store that sells high-end products, and you’ll find a high degree of attention to detail. The lighting, color scheme, white space, and employee dress code will all be very intentional, designed to create a specific feeling in visitors. The mood they set in high-end stores speaks to extravagance.

Do the same with your copy and digital ads. Your client’s virtual store should create that same feeling of elegance for visitors. (Disney is an excellent company to study. They are especially proficient in the use of lighting and color in their attractions, and have entire departments and massive resources dedicated to the study thereof. While they sell high-end products, they also are selling high-end experiences.)

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