The Power of Process


Date: April 29, 2021
Rescheduled: May 4, 2021
Time: 4pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Organization and Productivity
Presenter: Heather Robson

Learning to leverage your time is a key skill.

When you master it, you’ll be better able to grow your business and your income.

One way to leverage your time is through established processes. These are step-by-step routines that you create to optimize certain tasks within your business… things like starting a project… billing… research… event sharing content.

During this event, Heather Robson will walk you through identifying when you need a process and how to go about setting up that process. She’ll include examples to get you started.

By the end of this event, you’ll…

  • See how processes can help you work better with clients
  • Understand how to apply processes to your market to get more from your efforts
  • Become familiar with how to review and improve your processes
  • And more

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.


  • I really need to do this, sounds like just what the Dr. ordered for me! I want to be more productive in my day to day tasks to grow my business!

  • Hi Heather, Your webinar was a great yesterday! It got me thinking about the relationships between business strategy and knowing WHAT (and why) you’re trying to do, versus processes or HOW you’re going about doing it, and then the actual management of a project or project type.

    In your 5 processes to implement immediately, it was interesting to see that you covered both processes within skill building (the writing) and then processes within business building.

    Do you have any suggestions for where I can find a template or online tool to use to track my time on a project? I want to see how long it takes me to do certain tasks now (for example, research tasks, which you talked about) and then see how my process improvements can help me increase my speed, accuracy, etc. What are the smallest increments of time that you track? 15 mins.? 1/2 hour?


    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for joining us yesterday. I really enjoyed your questions. I love that you’re starting to track your projects–that can be so helpful in schedule planning. The smallest increment I plan in is usually 15 minutes.

  • Heather, nevermind, I found some good info. on time tracking within the WWW site. Figures, you already have this covered. Thanks again!

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