Why You Shouldn’t Rush Creating Your Samples — Here’s What to Do Instead

Working from anywhere, even the floor

When I first launched my writing business, I was in a fairly desperate spot.

I had a passion for writing and the dedication to build my business. I knew it was the surest path to financial security.

But I didn’t have a lot of support.

My siblings believed I was pursuing a scam. They wanted to protect me from myself.

And then I lost my laptop… and I didn’t have the money to replace it.

The pressure to land a job — to make some money, prove to my siblings I wasn’t naïve, and start building the life I wanted — had never been higher.

Perhaps you can relate.

You have so many reasons you need to succeed right now. But that mindset can lead to mistakes.

My mistake was rushing to create samples of my work.

Remember, I didn’t have a laptop.

The only way I could create samples was to handwrite them at home, then take them to an office where I could borrow a computer to type them up and save them.

It didn’t feel like I had the luxury of spending a lot of time revising and polishing them.

In the end, I wasn’t very confident in those samples.

If I were to create my samples all over again — or to offer advice to a writer about how to start this process — here’s what I would do… and what I would recommend to you…

First, imagine yourself writing for the money

One of the challenges of creating a really good sample is that you’re not getting paid for it.

Without that promise of payment, it can be hard to focus in and do your best work. After all, no one will know if you slap a “half-baked” sample up on Google Drive or your website, right?

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Abraham Onu

Abraham Onu is a success-driven young adult. He’s a web writer, and a proud member of the Wealthy Web Writer community. Abraham hails from Kaduna state, Nigeria. He is determined to become a “world-class professional” direct-response copywriter. Outside of writing copy, he enjoys video games, outdoor activities, sports, reading, and learning new things.

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