Member Update: Connecting Gratitude to Your Actions

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Gratitude is a powerful emotion.

When you take time each day to write down or even just dwell on the things you’re grateful for, it yields a lot of benefits.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, experiencing gratitude will lead to more positive emotions, more enjoyment of your good experiences, better health, and stronger relationships.

You can harness gratitude to help your writing business, too. It can stir your inspiration, get your creativity flowing, and bring you greater satisfaction with your work.

You can enjoy these benefits by pausing to count your blessings during the day or by keeping a gratitude journal, but there’s another strategy I like to employ. And that’s connecting my expression of gratitude to my actions.

I typically do this at the end of the day, often as I’m falling asleep. I’ll think through the tasks I completed during the day — both business and personal — and connect each one to something I’m grateful for.

If I started my day by making coffee, I’ll think about how grateful I am for all the people who make that pot of coffee possible… or I might zero in on a particular part of the process. For example, I love the smell of freshly ground beans, so I might think about the coffee mill I use every day (and have done for years), and be grateful for it.

Later in the day, perhaps I spent time researching new innovations in forestry management. In that case, I might think about how grateful I am for my internet connection (so grateful!) or how grateful I am for trees (because I really love trees) or how grateful I am that there are people who dedicate themselves to caring for our forests.

This process of connecting my actions to things and people I’m grateful for has helped me to be more mindful during the day… it’s helped me to sleep better… and it’s helped me be more aware of how the work I’m doing can have a bigger impact than I might realize because I’m thinking more often about the people whose work I benefit from.

If you’ve been looking for a fresh way to weave more gratitude into your days, give this a try. And then, I’d love to hear how it works for you.

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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