Member Update: Questions to Ask Yourself When You Get Stuck


We all get stuck sometimes.

You might be stuck on a project… or stuck on how to land clients… or stuck in a rut that isn’t working for you.

When you’re stuck, it’s easy to feel frustrated, even despondent.

I’ve found the fastest way to overcome that stuck feeling is to ask the right questions.

Knee-jerk questions — the kind that are so easy to ask — include things like, “What am I doing wrong?” or “Why is this happening to me?”

These questions are natural enough, but they also tend to encourage you to stay stuck.

Instead, try asking yourself these three questions:

1. Who can I ask for help?

It’s easy to think asking for help is a sign of weakness or unpreparedness. If you’re working with professionals, though, they’ll appreciate your willingness to recognize when you need a little assist.

And even if your “stuck” feelings aren’t stemming from a work project, figuring out who you can ask for help is still a productive strategy. Maybe you’re stuck getting into a consistent workout routine. Asking your best friend for help could mean you begin scheduling workouts together… and those might fun enough that you actually look forward to them.

2. What’s one thing I can do differently that I’m willing to do differently?

If it’s your routine that’s got you feeling stuck or you’re just not landing clients the way you thought you could, step back from your circumstances and ask yourself this question.

Often, just taking a moment to think about things through this lens is enough to come up with lots of ideas for getting unstuck.

Perhaps you’re not attracting clients. Asking this question may reveal that you’re willing and able to send three warm emails a day. And just like that… you’re making progress again.

3. Why am I resisting making a change?

It’s a sad truth that a lot of times what keeps us stuck is simply an unwillingness to change. That almost always stems from something more than the fear of change, though. So, if you can see how to do things differently, but you just can’t seem to bring yourself to begin actually doing them differently, this question can help.

Ask it, and you might discover that you’re afraid of having to learn something new or of putting in effort and not getting the result you were hoping for.

Often, simply understanding your resistance is all it takes to break through it.

If you’re feeling stuck, give these three questions a try and see if they don’t clear a path forward.

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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