Reality Blog: 30 Questions to Check Your Midyear Progress


Some days I have difficulty believing it, but we’re about to finish June. Six months of 2021 have already disappeared, and the next six months are staring us hard in the face.

I started this year with a very definite goal, and I’ve done everything in my power to achieve it.  So that I won’t lose track of my goal, my progress toward it, and what I still need to do — I’m taking a moment to pause, assess my progress, and define what needs to be finished, adjusted, or thrown out to cross that finish line.

This is my 30-question midyear progress checklist:

Goal Marks

1. How far along am I on the road to achieving this year’s defining goal?

Right out of the gate, this question tends to scare me a little, because I know I’m not there yet. My defining goal this year is to be able to help my parents purchase their dream retirement home. And I figure it’ll take a minimum of $100,000 to realistically achieve that. I’m maybe 10 percent of the way there, when I take into account solid future work and living expenses.

But this time I refuse to let that answer be scary or depressing! I will not say, “Oh, woe is me, I’m such a loser, there’s no way I can make my goal, and I should just give up.”

Instead, I have asked myself this question, answered it honestly, and realized that I’ve done the hardest part already: I’ve consistently tried. Now all I have to do is identify some areas of weakness and begin to adjust my approach.

2. Have I achieved any goals?

My biggest is that I haven’t yet missed a deadline for the Reality Blog! And believe me, circumstances have made that challenging.

3. Is my big goal still current and honest?

I still want to help my parents buy their dream home by the end of the year. But the path there has become more defined, and my journey beyond that goal is starting to become clear!

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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