9 Recommended Result-Oriented Methods for Writing Copy

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“There’s more than one way to do things. There’s always different points of views and styles of pitching.” Tim Hudson

When choosing your approach to writing copy, you have a number of factors to weigh.

From your preliminary research you should know your ideal customer’s demographics, including age, gender, average income, and geographical location. Other important information might be their marital status, education level, occupation, and cultural background.

Bottom line: The more you know about your prospects, the better you’ll be able to connect with them.

But knowing demographic information is only half the battle. You also have to decide what approach you’re going to use that will bring you the results you and your client desire.

What we’ll do today is examine nine different result-oriented copywriting methods you can use in space ads and direct mail along with an example of each. (Credit for these examples goes to copywriting legend John Caples. They come from his book Tested Advertising Methods and have been edited by yours truly to fit this format.)

Every approach here is effective, but the best approach for your project will vary. That’s your challenge: deciding which type will work best for your project and resonate best with your audience.

1) Straightforward Copy

This type of copy presents the product or service’s story in a simple, logical manner. It’s usually devoid of any rhetoric or style. It merely gives the facts in the clearest way possible. For example, here’s an excerpt from an ad for personalized stationery:

100-high quality, special-size bond note sheets and 100 envelopes are neatly imprinted with any three-line address you designate. Carefully packed and mailed prepaid to your home for three dollars.

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  • Mr. John Torre. Well! Well!! This is a lot of “food” for thought. Having never studied Marketing in my working career, I just learnt how to be creative in order to get the customer to take out his/her wallet. I am now curious about what you will have to say in the future and see if I am capable of having my “right brain” function as efficiently as yours. I am an avid reader and so I am ready to take the challenge in order to move forward in this new career that I have selected.

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