Using Mailchimp’s Click Map to Track User Behavior


If you’re using Mailchimp, you might not be aware of a handy feature called Click Map.

Mailchimp’s Click Map shows which links users clicked on and how many times users clicked each link. It’s like a heat map for links.

This is valuable information.

You can quickly see what types of links your audience uses. What do they click on most… text links, images, banner ads, or buttons? Then use that information to give them more of what they want next time.

Even better, Click Map lets you compare Desktop and Mobile clicks. So you can easily see what works best on each platform.

Before we go any further, let’s tackle a couple of important definitions.

Understanding the Terms

Terminology in email campaigns can be confusing. Here are the four main definitions you need to know:

  1. Open— This is when a user clicks on an email in their inbox and views it, either in the preview pane or in a separate window. Either way, it’s recorded as an Open.
  2. Open Rate— The percentage of subscribers who opened a successfully delivered campaign.
  3. Click Rate— The percentage of successfully delivered campaigns which registered at least one click on a link.
  4. Unique Clicks Per Open — Of those subscribers who opened a successfully delivered campaign, this number represents what percentage actually clicked on a link.

Still scratching your head? Here’s an example to help make it clearer.

Say you send a campaign to 1,010 subscribers. Of those, 1,000 are successfully delivered. The remaining 10 bounced, most likely due to incorrect email addresses or issues with the recipient’s email server.

If 200 subscribers open your email, then the Open Rate is (200/1,000) or 20%.

If 50 subscribers click on at least one link, then the Click Rate is (50/1,000) or 5%.

Now, 200 subscribers opened your email. So, if 20 of these people then click on at least one link, Unique Clicks Per Open is (20/200) or 10%.

Okay, now let’s dig into Mailchimp’s Click Map.

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Andrew Murray

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