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In her books, Brene Brown shares 10 guideposts for wholehearted living. Her first guidepost is to cultivate authenticity. You do this by letting go of what people think of you.

When you live authentically, it can be pretty amazing. You already know this because you’ve had authentic moments, moments where you fully embraced yourself and just responded to a situation exactly in line with who you are.

It may have been scary, but looking back on it, it feels good. Really good. That’s what living authentically is like.

It’s easy to look at being authentic as either something you are or aren’t. But that’s not how it works. It’s something you work on. It’s a journey and a practice and a process. And it can be tricky… because being authentic and looking authentic are different. Somewhere along the way, authentic became a buzzword, so people try to cultivate an authentic image, which is ironic when you think about it. It’s also easy to do without realizing.

A tiny part of being authentic is not worrying about whether or not other people think you’re authentic.

An important step toward cultivating authenticity is taking some time to really get to know yourself. Take some time to answer these questions:

  • What are your values?
  • What are the moments in your life that have shaped how you look at the world?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • What do you fear?
  • What do you admire about yourself?
  • What are things you want to work on?
  • Who is the person you want to be and how distant is that person from who you are?
  • What are the things in your life you do to please others? What would you rather do instead?
  • Are you making decisions because you’re “supposed to” rather than really evaluating what you want and what fits with your values and goals?

These are big questions… which makes sense. It’s hard work to become authentic, but it’s a worthwhile journey.

Another helpful step is to begin paying more attention, day-to-day, to when you are being authentic and when you are trying to live up to someone’s expectations.

Recognize the situations where you feel free to be authentic and those where you feel like you have to pretend. The same goes for people. Some will support your authenticity and others you’ll feel like you need to perform for. Make adjustments. You can put yourself more often in the company of people who you feel good being authentic around. You can also make small changes in how you respond to situations where you find yourself being inauthentic. Those small shifts can help you become more authentic overall.

Like I said, it’s hard work to cultivate authenticity. But just think about those authentic moments you’ve experienced… they lead to a greater sense of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. And who doesn’t want more of that?

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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