Reality Blog: What Happens When Your Life Gets Too Good?


Have you achieved your perfect writer’s life yet? Yeah… me neither.

My life is great, and I have so much I’m grateful for! But my life isn’t perfect — and I still haven’t “made it.”

Overall, and especially this year, my life is in transition.

I’ve made a substantial amount of progress toward my goals and dreams. I’ve overcome a lot. When I look back at what daily life was like just a few years ago when I chose to follow the writer’s life path, the difference is staggering.

And looking back like that, thinking about what might have been if I’d made the other choice, made me ask…

Is My Life Better than I Thought?

The immediate answer was an absolute “Yes!” If I take my eyes off the “Big Problem” of the hour, then yes, my life is in a better place than I often dare let myself believe.

  • I may not be rich — but I’m not going hungry.
  • I may not be an overnight success story — but I’m my own boss, and I’ve built a solid business.

And the list goes on and on. Which made me ask a follow-up question: “Has my life gotten so good that I can’t accept it?”

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • Suzanna, I wasn’t done!
    I like the way you describe the mental cage that we might be left in when the problem itself is resolved…powerful ghosts of self-limiting beliefs, sometimes hard to really identify and scare away.
    Your piece helps in the first step of rattling that cage!

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