Reality Blog: Why You Should Start Your Own “Reality Blog”

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If you’ve ever asked yourself, What should I do today to create success in my writer’s life? then I assure you, you’re not alone!

For years, while I struggled to sort through the big wagonload of awesome options to pursue as a copywriter, I wondered what one thing I should do to start creating and keep creating success in my daily life. Should I

  • build a Facebook community?
  • start a podcast?
  • write a weekly e-newsletter?
  • try to become a speaker?

I had too many choices, and it was paralyzing. I couldn’t zero in on anything, so I did nothing. If this is something you’re struggling with, let me suggest the one thing that’s made the single biggest difference for me.

Be a Reality Blogger!

Being the Reality Blogger for Wealthy Web Writer has changed so many things about my daily writing life. To start with, I actually write every day now, because I have to keep up with this blog on top of everything else I’m doing.

I’ve also learned that I can meet demanding weekly deadlines while keeping up with — and in some cases improving — my ability to keep personal deadlines within my own businesses.

Better Yet, Be an Intentional Reality Blogger

However, the most important advantage has been that the Reality Blog forced me to set a challenging S.M.A.R.T. goal—a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. So even before I wrote my first official blog post, I had ideas about where I was going. When I did start writing, it was all about everything that went along with that goal.

  • Successes
  • Failures
  • New Discoveries
  • Progress
  • Time Off

Secretly, I’ll admit that when I chose my goal, a part of me — a very small part  — wondered if I was just playing into hype. If I was just saying something because it sounded good… If setting a specific goal would result in more work but less progress.

Looking back, however, I’ve realized that the recommendation to set a goal is a common piece of advice because it works.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


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