Reality Blog Update: Packaging Your Services and Other Tips to Build Your Authority

Motivation and action leads to success

Date: July 26, 2021
Time: 11am, Eastern Time
Topic: Working with clients… including yourself!
Presenter: Suzanna Fitzgerald

Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blogger, Suzanna Fitzgerald, has been delving deep into packaging her services and positioning herself as a consultant in addition to being a copywriter.

In this interview, she and Heather Robson discuss the advantages to offering packages, key considerations to make when crafting a package, and other ways you can position yourself as an authority in your niche or specialty.

Heather and Suzanna will also talk about why and how to pitch more projects… what happens when you make more time for fun… and a brilliant technique Suzanna uses to develop content and messaging for her business.

Join us for a lively discussion with plenty of helpful, success-oriented tips.

Enjoy the Playback

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Wealthy Web Writer

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  • Unfortunately I understood the person interviewed and not the comments of the interviewer.
    She sort of speaks in rather than out. So you listen to whispers, only.
    From what the person interviewed said, I learned a lot about packages and the amount of
    knowledge you should have to start pursuing it. It was very valuable to an under certified like me.

    I am retired from a position as a writer in Spanish for magazines and television. And one thing
    I have to say to anyone speaking to an audience through a screen, please do not gesticulate with your hands. Your face has to be always visible and not covered by any hand gesture you make. Try to observe the newsreaders in your favorite TV channel and you will observe that you only see their clean faces. They are specifically trained to appear like that. They are all wonderful actors. Their hands never intercepts with their faces on the screen.
    Another suggestion to all course presenters, please speak out. If you have an actor friend, he or she will be in a position to give you a clue to what that is. No actor can get away without that valuable communication tool.

    • Wow! Thank you for your feedback 🙂 I know that I do have a tendency to “talk with my hands” and I never thought about how it would affect the visual communication with a camera. Thanks for listening and sharing.

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