Reality Blog: Avoid Falling for the LinkedIn Lie

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…And Create a Winning Profile

LinkedIn Truth: LinkedIn is arguably the best place to meet prospective high-value clients.

LinkedIn Truth: Your profile — especially your photo, headline, and banner area — is the most powerful way to start turning those prospects into paying clients.

LinkedIn Lie: Your profile is about you.

This misunderstanding isn’t really LinkedIn’s fault. Their setup and sections are deceptive, but it’s unavoidable, given that LinkedIn has grown out of the idea of having a profile that is basically an online résumé.

All the sections use words like “title,” “about me,” and “summary.” Because it’s your profile, and you have to fill in information about yourself, it’s easy to conclude that your LinkedIn profile is there for you.

However, you already know who you are.

Your profile is there for the person who’s looking for professional help from an expert like you.

Insights from My Fifth LinkedIn Profile Revamp

I am completely overhauling my personal LinkedIn profile for the fifth time! It sounds like a lot, but each time, it’s been necessary. Along the way, I’ve made every mistake in the book. But I think that this time around, my cumulative experience has helped to inform the process. The result (I hope) is a profile that’s unique, memorable, and, most importantly, persuasive.

Do You Have a Title or a Headline?

When I took my profile rough draft to my peer review group — as I do all my important self-marketing copy — one of my awesomely-loving-and-sharp-eyed friends remarked that what I had brought read more like a sales letter than a profile.

I was elated!

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • Hi Suzanna,

    Thank you for this insightful article. I especially love how you highlighted those memorable introduction titles. This is something that I’ll definitely refer back to as I progressively work on my LinkedIn profile.

    And honestly, LinkedIn was somehow intimidating for me at first… but as I dive into it, I’m realizing that it really is an amazing platform not just to do self-promo (which is important) but to also connect professionally with incredible people.

    All the best!

  • Just gave my profile a quick update based on your suggestions here. Great content – thanks for sharing. Also, I gave you a follow on LinkedIn 🙂

    Andrew Eades

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